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research paper writing fundamentals

Students are usually required to complete a research paper as it will show their level of understanding on the subject based on what they have learned so far. When writing this assignment, there are fundamentals that must be followed. Without these, your paper will not be accepted in any school.

  1. Explore topics: When you are given a subject to write about, explore the topics and find one that attracts your interest. If it peaks your interests, then the writer will usually do a better job.

  2. Research Strategy: So not just look for titles dealing with that topic Develop a strategy that will help you find what you are looking for. Say “how did Mayan Sacrifices benefit the society?” Then you would not look for Mayan religion or sacrifices, you would target how they affected the culture.

  3. Use different Opinions: Not every researcher is going to think alike. Do not expect them to. Use the differences, so it gives depth of coverage. Maybe one Mayan researcher felt it made them feel safer, and another feels that it fed a blood lust. Show both views and why they exist.

  4. Valid References: Make sure your references are valid. With all the stuff posted on the internet, you have to be careful on their validity. Use only sites that are recognized for valid research works. Some points to look for are the address ending in .ed, or .org, are usually going to be quality sites. Programs like videos and shows, be careful of informative movies, they are often more Hollywood, than fact. Use good documentaries. Do not use general Encyclopedias, use specific Encyclopedias.

  5. Bibliography: Has to be correct and linked to each use properly. Make sure you have all the information written that you need.
    • Title
    • Author(s)
    • Publisher
    • Date of publication
    • Page number
    • Volume; if applicable.
    • Revision and revision date


Organize your notes after your research so that they are laid out for your paper. You will focus less on them, and more on your paper.

Style Guide

There are so many different types of styles to be used, there is no way you can remember them all. Keep a style guide at ready to use, and use it!

An informative Thesis

A thesis paragraph should be the first thing a reader sees. It should give the reader enough information to know what they are about to read.

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