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35 Interesting Research Paper Topics For Middle School Students

If you want 35 interesting research paper topics for middle school students then look over the list below:

  1. Write about sports in your school. Should it be coed?
  2. Write about whether it is healthy for schools to offer fast food as a lunchtime meal
  3. Write about why your school needs to assign less homework
  4. Write about why you need to be aware of what you eat
  5. Write about what parenting style is best for you
  6. Write about why you need more freedom
  7. Write about a rule in your school that you want to change
  8. Discuss whether you think wearing school uniforms is good
  9. Discuss whether bullying should receive a worse punishment
  10. Discuss whether you think teenagers should be able to go to the mall without an adult and why
  11. Review why you don’t need a bed time at your age
  12. Review why school should start at 9 a.m.
  13. Review why you should be allowed to stay home by yourself
  14. Review how summer school is good
  15. Review the benefits of homework
  16. Review why recess should be longer
  17. Explain why you should be able to grade your teacher
  18. Explain why you need more artistic courses offered in school
  19. Explain why everyone should be required to take a music class
  20. Explore why sports in school should be a mandatory activity in school
  21. Explore how you would improve school lunches
  22. Explain why testing is bad for students
  23. Explain why physical education should be a requirement for all grades
  24. Explain why language courses should be a requirement
  25. Explain how science classes could be made more interesting
  26. Explore how watching TV hinders academic scores
  27. Explain why having a social life is important
  28. Explain why chores are good
  29. Explain why students who play sports don’t need P.E.
  30. Explain why you need to wear seatbelts on school buses
  31. Determine why a year round school improves education
  32. Determine why school dress codes are bad for your social life
  33. Determine why schools need more breaks at regular intervals
  34. Determine why your school should create a school newspaper and how it would benefit the readers
  35. Determine why you need to receive a higher allowance than you do right now

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