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10 good topics for college psychology research papers

You have to choose a topic for your college psychology research by yourself? Your mind is full of ideas, but you are not able to decide which one is the best? Simply read the following easy tips to succeed with your paper and get extra benefits from your tutor. If you feel completely lost and absolutely have no idea where to begin to look for a theme idea – the best way for you is to look through your textbooks.

Hopefully there will be an idea that sparks your imagination, but if not, use every credible academic resource – go to the library and ask for useful literature, watch TV for essential shows, and look through the newspapers. Write down every idea that crosses your mind, even if it is absolutely absurd.

Remember, that it is necessary to make the research interesting for the readers, thus you have to be fully intrigued by the topic. To sound more professional use comments and facts of proof from different resources.

Another tip is to avoid extensive topics, because you will spend ages on finding all the needed materials and tons of paper. Remember, that your tutor will never appreciate quantity more than quality. So, try being more specific and narrow your topic. It is also good not to use abstract nouns, for example “nations”, “society”, “world” etc.

Start with a very specific topic, and during the brainstorming process you will improve it by broadening. If you still have problems with being specific, try to think of a subcategory to your theme. By narrowing the key concepts in your main topic you will succeed. Sometimes to succeed in theme decision, students need s concrete topic ideas.

If you are one of them, here is a list of the most interesting topics for college psychology research papers:

  1. Stress and Preterm Delivery;
  2. Depression and ways to avoid it;
  3. Social Interaction;
  4. Schizophrenia among youth and causes of this mental illness;
  5. Does gender influence memory?;
  6. Long Term Memory;
  7. Does school uniform affects child’s personality?;
  8. Motivation theories;
  9. Upsides and downsides of using clinical hypnosis;
  10. The Psychology of a Homophobe etc.
  • If you have enough time for the paper, do not hurry with the researching process. First of all collect all supportive information about your topic and then cross out the unnecessary data while the editing process. Check more than once if a strong hypothesis can be made on the subject.
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