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The Collection of Good Topics for Your Research Paper

When choosing a topic for your research paper, try to find the one that is highly discussed on different online resources. This will allow you to gather a lot of information related to this topic on the Internet. Here is a list of popular topics you might consider using when writing a research paper.

  1. Is there any alternative to sleep?
  2. How do drugs affect human body?
  3. The drug dependence: is it a psychological or physical problem?
  4. Do UFOs exist?
  5. Can wild animals be domesticated like cats and dogs?
  6. The music industry vs. film industry: which is more powerful?
  7. Does music addiction exist?
  8. How do movies manipulate our minds?
  9. Can rock music be good for us?
  10. How will humans look like in 1000 years?
  11. Should alchemy be considered as a science?
  12. What is the nature of black holes?
  13. Can a lie detector be wrong?
  14. Body language: detecting a liar.
  15. Are sleep disorders dangerous?
  16. Will the sun explode?
  17. Why is the cosmos dangerous for the mankind?
  18. Will the crime rate reduce if people are allowed to carry guns?
  19. How does the memory work?
  20. Is possible to build a time machine?
  21. What can the global warming result in?
  22. Why did the Soviet Union break up?
  23. The curse of the pharaohs: myth or reality?
  24. The influence of the Greek civilization on the world.
  25. Can the planet be destroyed by a super volcano?
  26. Why are women’s rightsdisregarded in some countries?
  27. Will the wildlife completely disappear one day?
  28. How should white collar crimes be punished?
  29. Why isan e-business more profitable than a traditional one?
  30. Should capital punishment be used to some criminals?
  31. Why do some people begin to use drugs?
  32. Should some drugs be legalized?
  33. Should college admission policies be simplified?
  34. Distance education: advantages and disadvantages.
  35. Is IQ test valid?
  36. Should children be taught to believe in God?
  37. Can oil spills be prevented?
  38. Can space pollution affect the environment?
  39. How can the divorce rate be reduced?
  40. What is the right way to raise children?
  41. What is the role of fathers in raising children?
  42. Is depression a disease?
  43. Is alternative medicine effective?
  44. Weight loss: is it a worldwide psychosis?
  45. Why people overeat: fast food addiction.
  46. What is the difference between organic and non-organic foods?
  47. Is vegetarianism really so health-giving?
  48. Why is freedom of speech important?
  49. How do stereotypes influence the way we think?
  50. Can gay couples raise healthy children?
  51. What are the ways to prevent suicide?
  52. The problem of race relations: psychological aspect.
  53. Is abortion similar to murder?
  54. What are the alternative energy sources for cars?

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