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Basic Guidelines To Follow While Looking For A Free Research Paper

There are lots of reasons that students turn to free research papers as opposed to writing their own, original papers. Whether it’s commitments that interfere with your schoolwork or fear of failing due to poor English, you just might find yourself needing that extra help to finish your paper. Here are some general guidelines to follow when you’re looking for a free research paper.

  • Use a plagiarism checker. There are lots of free, online plagiarism checkers that will scan the content of your text and match it up against other content online. This can help you find out whether or not it will be easy for your teacher to prove that you plagiarized your paper. If your paper comes up with a lot of identical results online, it’s probably not the best paper to use. One option you might have is to re-write the paper sentence by sentence so that the content and sources remain the same but the actual words are different, which can reduce the risk of getting caught.
  • The more obscure the topic, the better off you are. If your research paper doesn’t need to be on an exact topic, look for research papers that seem to be on very strange, unique topics. There is less of a chance that another student in your class, or another student that your teacher has had in the past, will use the same paper.
  • Add your own edits to make it sound like you wrote it. Since you’re getting the paper for free, and since you’re saving the time of doing the research and writing yourself, there’s almost no excuse not to go through the paper and make some edits to make it sound more like your unique voice. Your teacher knows more about how you write than you think, and if you turn in a paper that sounds nothing like your previous papers your teacher will almost certainly notice. Re-write some sentences, add some errors that you typically make, or rearrange some of the sentences to make the paper more unique and sound more like you.
  • Know that there’s no 100% risk-free option. Unless you have someone else actually custom write a paper for you, which probably won’t happen for free, there is no absolutely risk-free way to turn in a free research paper. There are lots of tricks to help you avoid detection, but at the end of the day you might still be penalized for taking a shortcut and turning in someone else’s work as your own. Whether or not it’s worth the risk is up to you!

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