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How To Write A Great Research Paper In The Apa Style: Use A Sample

When it comes to research papers, every different subject adheres to a different set of rules. MLA style is usually used for English and History subjects, while APA style is usually used for social sciences like psychology and sociology. If you’re tasked with writing an APA-style paper, you’ll want to be sure that your paper meets all the requirements – both technical and stylistic – of the official APA standards. A sample paper can really help you ensure that your paper meets all the requirements. Here are some tips on how to properly use a sample paper.

Format the title page correctly. You need a title page that includes the title, your name, and the name of your college or university. Study how the sample’s title page is formatted and follow it to a T.

Know the different parts of the paper. An APA-style paper will have the following sections: abstract, main body, and references. Read through the abstract and main body to figure out exactly what is required in each section. The abstract can be particularly tricky; it’s like a longer version of a thesis. Make sure to include the main question of the paper, how you plan to answer it, what methods and research studies you used, and general information about the studies including participants and methodology. Whether your paper is based on your own research or existing research, your abstract should include all the parts of your paper on one page.

Pay attention to transitions and structure. Break down the paper on a separate sheet of paper; list each topic sentence and then list the major parts of each paragraph underneath. Pay attention to how each paragraph logically leads to the next one, and how the writer uses phrases like “furthermore”, “moreover”, “on the other hand”, and other transitional phrases and words to keep the paper flowing smoothly from point to point.

Copy the citation format. One of the biggest challenges in a research paper is getting the citations right. You want to make sure that no matter what, your in-text citations and work cited page are on par with APA standards. Having a sample paper that correctly cites sources is a great way to learn the ins and outs of citations; you can even copy the citations and replace the source information in your own document if you like. That makes it super easy to ensure that your APA style paper fits all the requirements!

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