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Academic Writing Assistance: The Top 20 Topics For Your Research Paper

Writing an academic paper needs much attention and dedication from the student. Especially when it comes to research papers, students need to put in a lot of efforts and do hard work to collect relevant and concrete data to include in their paper. If you look at the research paper writing process, you will find the pre-writing phase most complex. The writing and post writing phases are relatively easier because the writer knows his direction and has the access to all the raw material to include in his paper. The most time consuming section of a research paper writing process is the pre writing process. This is where the writer needs to collect the relevant materials, come up with a strong and fresh topic for research and create an outline for the structure of the research paper.

If you are wondering how to choose the right topic for your research paper then you need to look at the following 20 examples to help you create your own topic

  1. The effect of petroleum prices on the commodity goods pricing
  2. An insight to the war on terror fought by the innocent around the world
  3. The real reasons for obesity rate increasing in most of the developed economies
  4. What are the key elements of Shakespeare’s writing, what message do we learn from hamlet the play
  5. Discuss the reasons of water pollution mainly caused by waste of factories
  6. How can the government take steps to end monopoly of production in various industries
  7. What is the just in time process of manufacturing and what kind of businesses can have such approach
  8. What does a higher labor turn over show about a company? How can we control this?
  9. What is driving force and motivational element for people else than monetary incentives
  10. How can people control their domestic problems if they are suffering through a financial crisis
  11. A difference between fiscal and monetary policy
  12. What does inelastic demand show about the prices of the product
  13. What is the relationship between per capita income of a country and the GDP
  14. How much impact Hollywood movies on the young minds
  15. Should social medias pass censorship rules
  16. The culture of online dating services
  17. Loving the self- narcissism or not
  18. Literacy rate of Israel Vs the Germany
  19. Poverty a crime or a problem
  20. Drug use or abuse

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