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Creating An Academic Research Paper: Expert Advice

If you follow these instructions you should be able to produce a quality academic research paper.

  • Choose your topic. This is at the top of the list because you will find that once you have found your topic, you will be able to concentrate on the mechanics of the process. You may already have an idea that just needs clarification.
  • Read the instructions carefully. Pay particular attend to the date the paper needs to be submitted; word count and referencing style. At this point if you are not comfortable with the referencing style then look at your school’s website or online support for referencing styles.
  • Start a planning diary. Use this to make a note of the important dates that you need to remember that relate to our project. Also use this diary to note any searches that you have made for supporting documents. Use the diary as your go to book while you are working on this project.
  • Get some examples. It is really helpful to look at a few examples. Your tutor may be able to provide you with some, or go to the library in your school. You can also get some good examples by searching out academic writing and homework websites.
  • Get advice from your tutor. At this point it may be good move to run some of your ideas past your tutor, so book at appointment for a 1-1 tutorial session. Send them an email before the meeting so they have s=time to read you work and prepare a response.
  • Learning Support Department. If you think that you will need some advice on writing your paper, make an appointment with a Learning Support Tutor at your school. They will not write your work for you but they will provide you with some useful advice.
  • What other information do you need? Make a list of any searches you need to do for additional references and supporting documents. Make sure that you make notes so you will make the appropriate citations.
  • Draft. You are now ready to start writing your first draft. Make sure that you have someone in mind to proofread your work. You need to find someone who will be reliable and accurate.
  • Final. You should now to ready to make all the recommended changes to your document. When you think that you have finished, put the document to one side for a day or two, then go back to it and reread making sure that it has a logical progression and factually accurate. Good Luck.

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