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How To Create A Good Title For Your Research Paper About Business: Helpful Advice

A research paper is a project that enlightens your work upon a certain problem, provides readers with new information and serves as a reference source for other students. However, the informative content is not the only criterion that is taken into consideration by supervisors and professors. The project should be interesting and novel for readers.

One of the most important parts of a research paper that makes it interesting for other people is its title. Without a catchy title, you will hardly be able to attract readers’ attention to your project. If your work doesn’t have an interesting title, readers will simply omit it in the course of searching for the information they need in databases. It’s obvious that readers judge on novelty, informative importance and deepness of the project by title. That’s why this part of your business research is very important.

What is a good research paper title?

  • It clarifies the main message of the article in a few words.
  • It attracts and hooks readers’ attention.
  • It makes the paper differ from all other papers written in the same area.

How can you create such a title for your business-related paper? Check out the following tips:

  1. Keep it short.
  2. The main function of a paper title is representation of its sense in a few words. Keep the title simple and short. Use active verbs instead of passive ones and avoid unnecessary details and wordiness. A good title makes about 10-12 words that do not distract attention but give a clear idea of what’s going to be said about business.

  3. Avoid abbreviations.
  4. Though there are certain abbreviations that are allowed in titles (because they are familiar to most people), it’s not good to abuse special terms and jargon in the very title. It can scare off readers who are not familiar with the terms, even if they are looking exactly for research like yours.

  5. Use necessary descriptions.
  6. Think about people who are going to search for information and encounter your business project. Create a title that will contain necessary descriptive words and phrases that will allow people to see that it’s what they need. For example, if you have used a business research method of a particular type, and it’s the cornerstone of the work, mention the method in the title in any case.

  7. Try using keywords.
  8. It’s not always possible, but try to use keywords of the paper in its title to optimize it for searching in databases.

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