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15 Outstanding Research Paper Ideas In Psychology

Psychology is a hugely interesting field of study with almost limitless topics to be investigated. When you need to write an outstanding research paper on psychology, you need to choose a topic that will really wow your lecturer. Have a look at these 15 great research paper topics for some inspiration.

Impact of violent music on adolescents

Does violent music have any impact on adolescents? If so, what is that impact?

Role of genetics on intelligence levels

What role does genetics play in determining an individual’s intelligence level? Is there any way to alter the role of genetics on intelligence?

Formation of habits

How are habits formed? How can habits be broken? Are there some habits that are too ingrained to be broken at all?

Psychological problems in the homeless community

What are the rates of psychological problems in the homeless community? Are these problems the cause of their homelessness, or is their homelessness the cause of their problems?

Effects of abortion on mental health

Does abortion have any effect on a woman’s mental health? If so, what type of effect? Can this be altered in any way?

Psychological effects of torture

What are the psychological effects of torture on the victim? Does the torturer also have any psychological effects from carrying out the torture?

Effects of colour on mental states

Does colour affect people’s mental states? If so, is it possible to use colour to treat certain mental problems?

Psychological effects of overcrowding

How does overcrowding affect people? Can these effects be mitigated in any way?

Effects of postnatal depression

How does postnatal depression affect new mothers? How does it affect their children?

Creating false memories

How easy is it to create false memories in another person?

Effects of bullying

How does bullying affect the victim? Does bullying have any negative effect on the bully?

Development of prosocial behaviour

How can parents stimulate the development of prosocial behaviour in their children?

Dream interpretation

Is there any evidence that dream interpretation is a science?

Role of environment in personality development

Does an individual’s environment play any role in the development of their personality? If so, how much of a role does it play? Can the effects of bad environments on personality development be mitigated in any way?


How can psychology contribute to the field of marketing with the study of persuasion?

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