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5 Ways You Can Benefit From Using A Science Research Paper Example

A research paper is larger than an essay and requires you to incorporate direct quotes from various resources. You would initially develop a research question that you would answer. The answer would become your thesis statement. The reasons behind your thesis are your main ideas and they would each be explained in the body paragraphs. You would want to show a direct quote or two at least for each main idea. Be sure to also explain how the direct quote proves your point and include transitional phrases.

When you have to write a research paper for your science class, you can benefit from having an example. You should read through a few scientific papers to get a better idea of how to handle yours. Here are some ways to use the example papers that you found.

  1. Formatting your paper
  2. You can copy the formatting of the sample paper. Use the same font, font size, headers, title, etc. When you have your paper set up correctly, you will start to gain some confidence that your paper is starting to become a paper instead of a blank screen. Use your headings to help you know where you want to put certain parts of the paper.

  3. Getting ideas
  4. The examples will help you get ideas about what to write your paper on. You can use it to start your brainstorming session.

  5. Developing your thesis
  6. You can get a lot of good input on how to develop your thesis through reading a few thesis statements. You can see what to include and what to leave out. It is necessary to know how to translate your information into a thesis.

  7. Identifying transitional phrases to use
  8. A good research paper will contain transitional phrases. You can see how the writer transitioned from one topic to the next. You may see that there are more than just simple first, second, and third however, this would suffice as well. More advanced transitional phrases are better. See how the author really links one topic to the next.

  9. Identifying how main points are presented
  10. Most research papers will present more than three ideas however, you should never present less than three points. You want to make sure that you have a topic that you can write a paper of this size on.

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