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Thirty Fresh Ideas For Research Paper Topics On Drug Addiction

Do you need to compose a research paper about this topics? Well, it’s quite a hefty subject with many different avenues to explore; so it’s likely you may not have a clue where to begin! But with a little time, things will become a whole lot easier. Sit down and make plenty of notes (or a spider diagram) about the different areas of drug addiction that could be explored. Do a little research at this stage as well, to make sure that there are plenty of resources available for when it comes to having to study properly.

Decide on which issue you’re most interested in. If you can combine factual evidence and respected viewpoints with a passion for the subject at hand, you’ll know you’ve chosen the right topics.

To help you on your way, here are thirty subject ideas:

  • The fine line between using drugs recreationally and being addicted to them.
  • MDMA users under twenty one- a United Kingdom study.
  • Inmates addicted: the availability of illegal substances in U.S prisons.
  • Cognitive behavior patterns and drug addiction
  • The U.S government should approach substance abuse in the way that charities do: only by looking at the root cause of the problem can we fix it.
  • How public money could be better spent on helping heroin users.
  • Peer pressure to try illegal substances.
  • Target dealers, not users.
  • Maybe being addicted to marijuana doesn’t matter.
  • Health benefits of marijuana.
  • Being an addict of prescribed medication.
  • Becoming addicted to over the counter medicines.
  • Wrong information can lead to people looking at illegal substances favorably.
  • Addicts are ill; they’re not criminals.
  • When curiosity becomes addiction.
  • Decriminalization of illegal substances would benefit society and addicts.
  • Are there less addicts in the Netherlands?
  • Stopping the cartels before illegal substances reach the streets.
  • Cocaine addicts in the U.S.A.
  • The dangers of L.S.D.
  • Prescribed methadone for heroin users just creates another addiction.
  • The dangers of using skunk marijuana for people with mental problems.
  • Marijuana and psychosis.
  • The rise of Ecstasy in England in the 1990s.
  • The dangers of using DMT.
  • Using psychedelics.
  • Childhood factors in becoming an addict in adult life.
  • Are some people more prone to become addicts than others?
  • Reducing dealing in poor neighborhoods.
  • Health care treatment of heroin users.

If you want some more ideas, then have a look online, where you’ll find plenty of great suggestions. Also, remember to check in your campus library to see what other students have written!

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