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10 Outstanding Ideas for Argumentative Research Paper Topics

An argumentative paper is a persuasive piece of writing in which a student or researcher tries to change the opinions already held by the readers. The main task of a writer is to not only share his or her position, but to also radically change the readers’ positions and attitudes towards the issue. It is not surprising that this type of writing is very challenging, so students should therefore think twice before choosing topics to write about.

Most argumentative research papers deal with controversial problems that are currently being discussed by individuals or different social groups. As you can guess, many of these topics are derived from problems that are often shown in the media. Political, social, and ecological issues are popular topics for argumentative research papers. You can easily pick several topics after you watch the evening news or read a weekly newspaper. However, make sure that a chosen topic is not generally proven, or requires lots of time and effort in order to develop a persuasive argumentation. You should be interested in studying the subject and have a deep understanding of the issues involved. Otherwise, you may not be able to complete your research before the deadline.

The following list of ten outstanding ideas contains good examples of argumentative research paper topics.

  1. The sale of human organs should be legalized in developing countries.
  2. Exotic animals cannot be treated as pets in the United States.
  3. Technology helps people demonstrate creativity and hide any lack of knowledge in the field.
  4. Vegetarian diets can ruin women’s health.
  5. Every student should have free access to the Internet.
  6. Deforestation in Brazil should be stopped and officially banned.
  7. St. Valentine’s Day is just a way for companies to increase sales and attract new clients.
  8. Every person should have access to basic medical care free of charge.
  9. Organic food is not green.
  10. Students should only read classical literature in high school.

As you may notice, these sample topics are controversial, so you can write your paper based on a different point of view. You can also search for other good examples online. Once you have chosen a topic, created an initial study, and prepared an outline; you should visit your supervisor and approve the topic and your research plan. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you have any, and listen to the comments carefully. Your supervisor can give you valuable advice concerning your topic and potential research directions.

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