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Term Paper Writing Guidelines: Composing A Proper Cover Page

The cover page is the first page that your professor will see when they look at your term paper. This part of your paper is just as important as the rest of it, it has to be clear and concise to what your term paper is about as well as giving your information on it. There is usually two styles that these are written in either APA or MLA, these are the standard but you might be asked to do it a different way. Check the instructions and make sure you compose yours the way that is required. Here you will learn how to compose an APA and MLA cover page for your term paper.


  • Lets start at the top and work our way down. On the top of the page you will have a running heading, this is usually your title or a shorten version of it if it is long. This is located at the top left of the document and on the right is the page number starting with one.
  • Centered in the middle of the page will be your title. Make sure that it is centered vertically and horizontally on the page.
  • The bottom of the page is where all of your personally information will go. You will put your name, school’s name, and date but some teachers ask for the course and other information. This is centered and on the last few lines of the page.


  • When you are doing a MLA cover page, you want to keep thirds in mind. That is because all of the information is a third of the way down on the page.
  • On the first third of the way down you will center your text and put your school’s name there.
  • Then another third of the way down you will put your title of your paper and then the subtitle right under it.
  • On the last third of the page you will put all of the personal information. This includes your name, course, teacher’s name, and the due date of the term paper.

APA and MLA style cover papers are very simple to write and you should have no problem composing your own for your term paper. Make sure you follow all of the instructions for your term paper and choose the right cover page before you start composing your own.

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