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Research Paper Help: 5 Simple Steps to Completing Your Project

When you know exactly what to do, writing a research paper will be easy. The following guide will explain how to complete this kind of project in five simple steps.

  1. Choose a suitable topic.
  2. Your topic must be interesting to you personally and relate to the material covered in class. This will make writing any kind of paper much easier.

    It must also be narrow enough to “fit” into the assigned word count.

  3. Develop a thesis.
  4. A thesis is the heart of your project. This sentence (or a couple of sentences) must state the main idea of the paper and list your most important arguments. Do not elaborate unnecessarily, as your purpose is not to provide the reader with a summary. The main goal of the thesis statement is to tell the audience what they should expect. However, the information you provide must be limited, otherwise people simply won’t need to read further.

  5. Create an outline.
  6. You will need to write a detailed plan, which will serve as a kind of skeleton for your work. The more details you include in the outline, the easier it will be to expand its points to write an actual essay.

    The outline will ensure that you don’t miss anything important, but you shouldn’t see it as an ironclad guide. Some of your ideas may change during the process of writing. In this case, you will simply need to update the plan to make sure you don’t forget anything.

  7. Write the first draft.
  8. You shouldn’t try too hard to make your writing perfect at this stage. Quantity is the most important thing for the initial draft. You need to write a short paragraph about every issue you consider important, even if it doesn’t seem to fit into the overall body of the paper. The more you write now, the easier it will be to shape this draft into an excellent research paper.

  9. Revise, edit, and proofread.
  10. The revision stage is the most important when it comes to writing anything, so you shouldn’t rush it. In a perfect case scenario, you will need as much time for quality editing as you need for the actual writing.

    Start by revising the content of the paper. At this stage, you will reorganize the paragraphs of the initial draft to make them into a cohesive story. You might need to cut out a few of them or add some.

    At the editing and proofreading stages, you will need to eliminate all stylistic, grammar, and spelling mistakes.

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