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The Top 10 Easy Term Paper Ideas For University Students

If you are a university student trying to write a term paper, there are many potential topics that you can cover. When you set out to write your term paper it is imperative that you find a topic which best suits your assignment. Chances are, your teachers expect you to cultivate a great topic or at least a great thesis from a list of topics at this level. This is a great opportunity for academic growth, one which brings with it a chance to learn more about a subject or aspect of a subject that you would otherwise not have time to cover in the traditional classroom setting. This gives you the chance to showcase your passion to the teacher, to indicate what aspects of the course you truly enjoy.

If you are struggling to come up with topic ideas yourself that can be easily written, look over your course notes and see if there are any ideas you once glossed over and now want to know more about.

If you still cannot think of something, then review these ten easy term paper topics for university students and see if any of them can be used for your paper:

  1. Write a paper about whether GMOs are a safe way to consume food and what sustainable alternatives we have available to us in America, versus those which are available in the European Union where GMOs are illegal.
  2. Write a paper about whether exams are a fair way to assess a student’s comprehension level and offer an alternative method.
  3. Review your favorite book or character from that book and explain what sets them apart in literature.
  4. Review a method of transitional government for a nation post-conflict and why it was a success or not.
  5. Discuss the role that apologies and the admission of truth can help heal wounds of previously war-torn countries.
  6. Discuss the benefit of solar power and what technological steps have been made in the past decade and where you think it will go from here.
  7. Write a paper on a famous world leader and why they are an inspiration.
  8. Compare different tactics of placing political pressure on other nations and explain which are the most effective and why.
  9. Write a paper about whether gay couples should adopt children.
  10. Write a paper that focuses on whether your academic institution should offer different courses and why it would benefit them.

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