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Fresh Ideas For Term Papers: A Guide For College Students

Writing a term paper can be a challenge when you don’t have a good topic. For many students this is a challenge in itself. Finding a good idea for a term paper may not be easy but the process doesn’t have to be difficult. You can find ideas all around you when you know where to look and how to make it your own. For the most part, it is about finding suitable ideas based on personal interests. Here are a few things to help you get creative with ideas for your own term paper.

Chose a Subject to Focus On

You can choose a topic to focus on pretty easily, but the challenge comes in breaking it down into something you can write. Think about your interests related to the broad topic. Think about sources you can use to help you learn more about it such as books, magazines, websites and even people you know you can talk to. Think about controversial issues within the subject. You can use online databases with articles and research papers to help you in search.

Have Ideas on Where to Find Topics

Use your textbook to help you develop ideas. You can refer to notes you took in class during lectures. Think about what you have learned recently about the subject in question that you liked. Think about something that you can relate to or something that is in relation to your career goals. You should also consider ideas and advice your school may provide. There are schools that offer advice online on how to select an idea to write about based on what you know. Review this information and use it help you brainstorm.

Some Sample Ideas to Help You

Broad categories can give ideas for smaller topics when you take time to think about them. Depending on your field of study you can find what you want to write about after doing some brief research and personal note taking. Here are some ideas to encourage original content of your own.

  1. Business ethics.
  2. Cyberbully.
  3. Family relationships and divorce.
  4. Healthy foods and vitamins & minerals.
  5. Hate crimes and punishment for them.
  6. Sexual harassment.
  7. Substance abuse when it includes both alcohol and drugs.
  8. Education.
  9. Languages of the world.
  10. The environment.

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