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Writing A Term Paper Introduction: Where To Find A Good Example

Students are given a full semester to plan, research and write their term papers, so their instructors expect to see very well-written results. A term paper introduction must include key facts about the topic, serve as a content guide to the whole essay and clearly assert the thesis statement. Additionally, a worthwhile opening should interest the reader enough to make them eager to read the rest of the essay. While it’s only about half of a page in length, the introduction tends to be the part students struggle with most when writing their research essays. If you’re working on your first term paper, you probably have no clue how to structure it. The only way to make sure you’ve written an acceptable opening is to compare it to a good example. To find a sample of a great term paper introduction, use one of the truly reliable sources.

  • Your school.
  • Find out about writing labs available at your school. They keep their best projects in an archive and may provide you with some as samples. Attending a writing lab may also help you learn to develop better essays in general. If there’s a student tutoring center, you can get a sample of a tutor’s previous work. Ask around and you may find a sample paper graded by your instructor. That way you can gauge how well-written your introduction is, according to the correct standards. Also, visit the library. There are numerous books written on the topic of writing long research papers. Most have examples that are truly high-quality. You might not find the right kind of sample quickly, but you won’t be wasting your time, since looking through books in the writing section will improve your essay in other ways.

  • Popular writing blogs.
  • Most professional writers frequently blog to improve their skills and share their work with each other. Therefore, a term paper posted to any popular blog receives feedback by other writers, in the form of comments. These comments will indicate the quality of each essay.

  • Professional writing websites.
  • Most online paper mills will have a database of sample essays to demonstrate their work to potential customers. Term papers are fairly common, so looking through these free examples might just get you the perfect template. If you want a customized introduction sample, hire a freelance writer. They will create one for any requested topic and you will have someone to ask for writing tips in the future.

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