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A List Of The Most Interesting History Research Paper Topics On Dark Ages

The Dark Ages were aptly named due to the lack of development or even the reversal of development that occurred across Europe at that time. The glory days of Rome and Greece were over and many of the monuments from those times were in ruins. There are many topics that can be delved into under this heading such as the following:

Illness and Superstition

With the disappearance of much of the scientific knowledge that had once been commonplace, people found other ways to explain the things that occurred in the world around them, especially their health. This paper could go through how superstitions surrounding illness developed in this era.

Misunderstanding the past

People who lived in the Dark Ages were surrounded by relics from a past they could not understand. This can be explore to find out how much was passed on via oral tradition about their ancestors and how much they intuited or imagined.

The Rest of the World

While Europe was experiencing its darkest days, other parts of the world were at their peaks. This paper could explore which countries where flourishing at this point and what advances they were making in various fields.

Land Ownership Models

The concept of serfdom which was a popular system in Europe for a time came into its own during the Dark Ages. Looking at this can result in insightful research.

Blended Mythologies

Prior to this period in history, several cultures interacted and their belief systems spread creating hybrid concepts of gods and goddesses. These can be chronicled to compile a sort of divine family tree.


Women have had different levels of power throughout time depending on the societies to which they belonged. The question of how much power women maintained in this era would be discussed.


This was an era when many people lived their entire lives without venturing further than their villages. To travel further was not unheard of but definitely not the norm. The purpose of this piece of research would be to look into those exceptions to the rule and see how far they were able to reach and what information about the world they provided to their neighbors at home.

Understanding this era may take effort but with careful attention to detail an approximation of the lives of its people may be made. From this, good research can be derived.

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