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A List Of Possible Term Paper Topics For High School

It is always difficult to come up with innovative and progressive ideas for a term paper topic so hopefully this list will be inspirational. Remember to convincingly present your findings on the topic as they may not be your own personal views.

  1. What should be the limit of the boundaries that surround confidentiality? Should there just be one directive regarding confidentiality? When is it acceptable to break the boundaries of confidentiality?
  2. Should there be a death penalty for minors? Look at the statistics where minors have been involved in murder. Is it possible that even at a young age they are responsible for their actions? Would it be a deterrent for others? This is going to a very emotive subject.
  3. Is Global Warming a reality or is it part of a conspiracy theory? Is it part of a sequence of climate changes that happen as part of the normal course of natural events? This can be argued from two sides of opinion.
  4. Who should determine what is taught in schools? Should it be the State? Industry? Communities or Parents?
  5. DNA data collection. Is this about profiling criminals or is it about health issues. This can be argued from both sides and could be part of a paper based on Biology, Criminology, sociology or Psychology depending on which view you wish to explore.
  6. Are Politicians the right people to govern a country? Do they just say things so as people will vote for them or do they honestly believe in what they say? Are politicians truthful?
  7. How has the Media shaped our society? Is the Media based on scare mongering? Does the Media need to have stricter guidelines on the way it reports devastating events?
  8. Can levels of intelligence improve with stimulus or is it static? How can emotional or creative intelligence be improved?
  9. Snow days. Should any snow days taken in the winter be added on to the school year in the spring? What work should be set for students during snow days? Should snow days from school be used as a family bonding time?
  10. Miranda Warnings. Should they be reviewed? Do they still have the same impact as they originally did? Is there any example that illustrates what happens if the Miranda Rights are not cited correctly?
  11. School Uniforms. Are they a good idea? Does wearing a uniform give a sense of belonging or does it take away individual expression? Does wearing a school uniform influence classroom behaviour?
  12. Artificial Sweeteners. Are they a good thing as a substitute for sugar especially for diabetics? Are artificial sweeteners poison to our bodies?
  13. Does Seasonal Affective Disorder actually exist? If it does is there a cure? Historically did people suffer from SAD?
  14. Cloning. Is cloning ethical? What are the benefits of cloning animals? What are the benefits for cloning human beings? Is the idea of cloning religiously unacceptable?
  15. Why do adolescents find it hard to communicate with their parents? Why do parents find it hard to communicate with adolescents especially as they were adolescents at one point in their lives?

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