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Schopenhauer On Free Will: A List Of Good Term Paper Topics

Writing well in academia can be subjective to an extent. It becomes significantly harder, however, when the task you have been given is to construct an essay on the work of a well known and celebrated essayist. The comparisons between your work and theirs are inevitable but you must strive anyway to produce something that stands out and allows your own ideas to be viewed with appreciation.

Schopenhauer is one such essayist whose work can be intimidating to write on. His 1839 essay, “Über die Freiheit des menschlichen Willens” known in English as “On Freedom and the Will” revolutionized the way many at the time saw the human decision making process. It proposed several major ideas such as:

Freedom as a result of bowing to one’s own will and no one else’s

This might actually be seen as an inability to be free once one is ruled by any other party such as a king or queen, pope, president or prime minister unless that person’s will lined up directly with your own.

Freedom of mind coming only when decisions are made clear headed

This means that a decision cannot truly be seen as one’s own or a product of one’s will if it is motivated by intense emotions capable of clouding thinking.

The awareness of one’s own will at work

Despite the term having a very different connotation in modern language, he used ‘self consciousness’ to describe this state which is perhaps a more effective description.

In your attempt to analyze this paper, topic selection is critical to starting off on the right footing. A few good ideas collected by our custom term paper writing service are:

  • How did Schopenhauer see moral freedom as dependent on lack of need?
  • Describe Absolute contingency
  • How does Schopenhauer’s philosophy diverge with that of Descartes?
  • How do Physical, Moral and Intellectual Freedom intersect?
  • Describe the three causes Schopenhauer attributes to humanity
  • Outline the four attribute of human character
  • How does Schopenhauer’s theory contrast with the concept of people as born tabula rasa?
  • Is Schopenhauer’s view a fatalistic on due to its stance on constancy?

The original essay on which yours will be based will take some reading and rereading in order for you to truly digest the message and interpret it for your own work. Do this with care.

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