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Where To Get A Solid Research Paper Format Sample

When someone is writing his own research he tries to do everything perfectly which will make him over think everything. Now a day, simple is the new chic even in paper work, simpler will get people attention so they will read the paper even if it subject sounds boring.

A scientist or a researcher or anything that is innovative is a creative mind he blows the world with his outstanding ideas but still he thinks that a paper work format needs to be a sample he should never do that creating or inventing something that probably will change how mankind lives is really important and writing it down on a cliché piece of paper is really ridiculous. If he got bothered to invent something huge which took time from him then creating a format is not rocket science. Still a scientist can do anything and write about anything but there are some guide lines that must be put in consideration which is the layout of the pages:

  1. Thing they should be written on an A4 page
  2. Leaving a margins 1inch in every side
  3. For the first page when the teacher asks making a whole page as a title in the name of the student is an obligation otherwise there is no need to it just on the upper left corner it should be written like this : -Student name, -Teacher’s name, -Course name or number, -Date, just underneath writing the title in capital letters but with no underline is important and a part of the paper format. Underneath it just start writing
  4. Numbering is really important when it comes to writing a long text so to keep it clean and simple put the page numbers on the upper right margin flush it to the right and then write the last name followed by it
  5. Alignment of texts are flushed left and the margin should be uneven because when writing a paragraph an indentation of half an inch or 5 spaces will be required to make a distinction between them because the writer is moving from an idea to another, after every sentence finished leaving a space after a period is a must so the teacher or the reader will understand that your moving to another sentence
  6. For tables or illustration just writing Table (number)+source : above the table and flushed left but for the sources and note they appear below the table of course flush left and Figure or Fig (number)+source below the figure written in a continuous block of lines and flushed left.
  7. For the binding just follow the teacher request

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